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12th-Dec-2014 09:04 am - Oh, look, he's back again

Yes, my LJ feed is mainly "Hey, I am back -- again."

I took some time this morning to update my browser with new bookmarks, actually posted on G+ and will be posting to LinkedIn as well.

Friday is my day off, so I work on, well work. ;) And other kinds of writing, because that's what I do.

I will be around.

9th-Nov-2014 10:20 am - Fifteen months later . . .

I am still here.


And I will be back.

But it's time for this annual post:

Those of you who have been reading my Facebook and LiveJournal pages for a long time, know that every year, I raise money for Special Olympics New York and jump into Lake George. This will be my 10th plunge (I did three in Massachusetts).
For various reasons, I have been way behind this year, and the plunge is Saturday.
14th-Aug-2013 08:22 pm - I said I would post more

I am uplifted by the number of comments on my first post back.

Then I realized there has been no second post.

Then I remembered: Oh, yeah, five stories in three days on the death of a 3-month-old, plus today's pot-bust and exchange-concert stories.

Headed to Massachusetts/Rhode Island for a three-day weekend to see all the cool ladies in my life.

11th-Aug-2013 09:26 am - I may be back

I have been away for a while, succumbing to the instant gratification of Facebook, but I think I am going to stick my feet back in here.

What do you want to know about, well, anything?

17th-Jan-2013 04:09 pm - On New York's gun-law vote

The short version here is that I am very concerned with the New York State Legislature’s rapid approval of a gun-control package.

I’ve said that it’s not the laws that concern me so much as the process did.

It’s not necessarily what they did. It’s how they did it.

In order to explain better, please understand that I am a fairly liberal, middle-aged white guy who does not own any guns but has no particularly strong opinion about gun control, other than it needs to be constitutional.

My thought on that is that it’s harder with the Second Amendment, in my opinion, in that it’s not a cut-and-dried as the First Amendment’s “Congress shall make no law . . . “ provision.

It seems to me that some of the things New York did and proposals the president put up the next day, will not survive court tests.

What did New York do?

It made it much easier to classify (and ban) a gun as an assault weapon. It made it illegal for a clip to hold more than seven rounds. It stiffened penalties for crimes using guns.

In addition, it mandated mental-health professionals to report individuals they feel could commit gun violence, and it forced anyone buying ammunition to register that purchase.

OK, we could argue some or all of those. Some, in my opinion are easier to argue against than others.

But the point here is how they did it.

The session started Monday afternoon, and before midnight, the Senate had voted 43-18 in favor of the bill. There was no debate, and the public never had a chance to see or comment on the bill.

The next day, the Assembly debated for five hours before approving it 104-43, and the governor signed the bill in time to make the 6 p.m. news.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo had declared “an emergency requiring the immediate waiver of the three-day waiting period before a vote.”

There was a concern, apparently, of protestors descending on the Capital if the Legislature didn’t get to act quickly.

Wait? People would not get to be heard?

People would not even be able to read the bill? How much time did senators have to read the bill?

People couldn’t contact their legislators with an opinion? (They already expressed their opinion, we were told. Well, I know I didn’t, though my legislators were at the front of the anti-bill movement because of the process.)

I remember well the stop-and-go, give-and-take over the same-gender marriage proposal. That was long and drawn-out, just as so many other bills have been.

Some folks have said, “Well, it was a good thing, so why worry?”

Well, they could do the same thing and vote to put casinos within 10 miles of my house. Or make major changes in school taxes. Or any of several other things.

We used to opine that New York law was made by “three guys in a room” 

This time it was “in the dead of night.”

17th-Oct-2012 11:59 pm - One more request . . .
OK, one more Polar Plunge post before bed.
One of the other things we are doing to raise money is to have a fund-raising event a couple days before the Plunge.
We have tentative plans, and I will share them when they become untentative.
That said, we are putting auction baskets together for the event.
If you're in a position where you could send something nifty in for an auction -- and with this group that's a broad spectrum -- please contact me, and I will give you the address.
17th-Oct-2012 10:01 pm - I cannot believe I am doing this:

OK, here we go.

Saturday, Nov. 17 will mark the ninth time I have done the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics.
It might be the first time I plunge in a bikini.
That's up to you!
If you want me to plunge in a bikini, please donate at http://tinyurl.com/LiamPolarPlunge .
If I get to $2,000, I will plunge in a bikini.
You're horrified by this idea? You don't think the world is ready for this?
Go to http://tinyurl.com/AgniDentati2012 and donate to one of my teammates.
If my teammates get more donations than I do -- no matter what I raise -- I will not wear the bikini.
(I will wear my red Hawaiian shorts as I usually do).
I will make the decision based on the totals at 9 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 17
Thank you for your consideration, and please pump up the volume on this.
26th-Sep-2012 08:05 pm - Blame this on . . . .


She went and registered for the Special Olympics New York Polar Plunge today and has $150 already.

The good news is that she is second overall, and she is lifted the team to second place, too.

The bad news is that she has $150 more than me, and we are still $600+ out of first.

No good can come of this!

Unless, you can take a minute and make a donation at http://tinyurl.com/LiamPolarPlunge

17th-Sep-2012 08:32 pm - A brief news item
This is the short version:

As of two weeks from today, I will be taking a position as an editor/reporter at the Glens Falls Post-Star, the local daily in the town in which I live.

I am sad to leave the Granville Sentinel, but I am really looking forward to this!
16th-Sep-2012 12:05 pm - *waves*

OK, I am re-evaluating (again) social-media usage.

1. Who is still reading me over here?

2. Who is reading me over here, but not on facebook?

3. Who is reading me over here, but not on G+?


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